The boy in the bank

June 26, 2013

One of the nice things about small towns is that you get to know nearly everyone in the place and the pace of commerce is slower and more civil. Like the other day when I went to the bank in the little town near my orange grove. I had just sold some cows and needed to deposit a check.
Before you can transact business however, it is polite and customary to “visit” with the people you know and extend polite exchanges to those you don’t. After spending a few minutes talking with some folks, I proceed to the teller section to make the deposit.
On this day, there was a woman at the teller’s window ahead of me. The woman’s young son, who was about six was standing behind her and stomping on the tile floor in front of me.
As I got closer, I could see he was stepping on a bug that foolishly tried to cross in the little boy’s path.
” Did you get him?”  I asked the young man.
“Yes sir,” he replied.
With that the boy bent over and picked up the smashed bug depositing him in the pocket of his blue jeans.
As I looked curiously at him, he reached into the pocket again and pulled out 4 or 5 other bugs in the same smashed condition.
” I got to feed my lizard!” he announced.
Holding back a smile, I said, “Nice. What kind of lizard is he?”
I don’t know, but his name is Spike and he is green.” was the reply.
“Well, I am sure Spike will enjoy that yummy lunch.” I concluded.
With that the boy put his lizard’s lunch back in his pocket and he and his mom said good-bye and left the bank.
Somehow my banking business seemed sort of anticlimactic as I stepped up to the teller’s window with my deposit.