July 18, 2013

This recent court case in Sanford, Florida reminds me of a somewhat similar incident that happened to me about 35 years ago. It was New Years Eve, and I was heading down a narrow alley having just stopped at the grocery store. Another car started down the alley going the wrong way.
This guy got out of his car and appeared very agitated. He told me to move my car back. Getting out of my car, I advised him he was going the wrong way and he should go back.
I don’t remember any more conversation as the guy sucker punched me across my head.

The force of the blow made me slip on the gravel and I went down, dislocating my shoulder in the process.
As I struggled to put my shoulder back in, I saw my tormentor run away to his vehicle and take off.
To this day I think, if I had my weapon with me, would I have shot that man?

For the first 25 years or so since that incident, my answer would have been a definite yes, as I was so angry at being sucker punched. Now I think maybe, but maybe not. It is difficult to say.
What is not difficult is seeing the fixation on this court case by the media and the harmful effects it has caused.
It is stories like these and politicians reactions that have caused this country to become the most hateful and divisive place I have seen since the sixties.

Gone are the days of a kinder, gentler nation.


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