Flip flops on the sand

September 6, 2013

Ok, we have a novice commander-in-chief, saying that Syria crossed his red line. Then he says no it wasn’t his, it was the world’s red line. We have a senile senator playing a poker game on his phone while he is supposed to be in serious discussions about going to war. The haughty Secretary of State is making nonsensical statements about “boots on the ground.” (Oh God do I hate that metaphorical euphemism )  Mr. Secretary, there are young americans in harm’s way in those boots!

Then we have the whack job senator from California saying that yes many americans are against this war, but they don’t know what” I “do.  Well senator stop smoking that dope or whatever it is  and reflect for a moment on how good our intelligence was in Iraq. Senator Finestein, you are not the smartest person on the planet.

Meanwhile trying to justify some sort of military action, we have pentagon generals who have no idea what the mission will be. A formula for disaster!
In the last 50 years I have seen this country go to war more times than any person should have to endure. In every circumstance it involved young Americans getting killed and wounded. I remain convinced that preemptive wars or punitive attacks do little to protect our country, but rather these gambits are done solely for domestic political gain.

We have done such a good job in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and others, that yes, getting involved with Syria is the  right thing to do.

Hell, we can’t even manage our own domestic problems!

If we are so bent on being the world’s policeman, how come we don’t attack other more powerful dictatorships and rogue nations who kill off their own citizens? China, North Korea, Iran. Pakistan come to mind. Killing  people whether by chemical gas, firing squad, hanging or atomic bomb as America did to 250,000 innocent civilians in 1945 is still killing.

Stay out of middle east internecine wars!