Sometimes you just want to spit up

October 14, 2013

I have not written in this space for a while, basically, because I have not seen much I care to write about.
However,  the recent actions by the Federal Government are just too insane to ignore.
First, the train wreck that is the Unaffordable Heathcare Act is blowing up in the face of many Americans as they start receiving their premium notice increases for next year. Some many hundreds even thousands of dollars higher than before.

But here, I don’t understand the outrage. Where did these people think the money was coming from to insure 50 million previously uninsured? Santa Claus? Pennies from Heaven?
Then the automated health system does not work, despite costing over $600 million in tax dollars to develop.
At the same time we have the government shutdown and the bogus debt default threat. (There will be no default and even if there was, it would not amount to much. More media and chicken little politics at work here.)
Finally, last week, we had the shameful treatment of American combat veterans and visitors to OUR memorials by the Gestapo park Disservice police…a disgusting  outrage to Americans everywhere.

What a mean-spirited and deliberately hurtful action by a dictatorial, socialist, inept Administration which  granted permits to illegal aliens to protest on the same National Mall. What is wrong with these people?  Denying access to veterans, but letting lawbreakers use this hallowed ground.

Now, none of this has caused me distress because  it is what I have come to expect from Washington. But today I read in the paper that the cab drivers in St. Louis are introducing a “vomit fee” of $200 to be charged to anyone who heaves in their taxi.
The fact that there are a sufficient number of these unpleasant incidences to warrant an official vomit fee posted on the taxi’s rate card is remarkable and distressing at the same time.
It makes me recall the time I had a job driving a cab while in college. I usually worked evenings so I could study while waiting for fares.
The worse time was shortly after 1 am when the taverns closed and we were busy picking up drunks too inebriated to drive.
I was fortunate never to have a fare that required vomit cleaning of my taxi, , but one time I took this guy to the hospital. He stunk so bad, I had to open all the windows for about 30 minutes to clear my cab of the stink. It was mid February and a bracing zero degrees outside.
Now that will wake you up!
People in that little town never tipped much, maybe a quarter now and then, so I never made much in tips. (One fare I picked up outside a bar did however give me 3 cans of beer for a tip, which I took back to my dorm for after work cocktails.)

I did not get rich driving a taxi, but I did learn a lot about people and how they have to live.

I think, there should be a rule that the President and every member of congress be required to drive a cab before being elected so they will better understand the importance of the electorate they serve.


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