The Wedding (shower) Crasher

October 22, 2013

My friend, Keith, is the executive chef at a fashionable upscale restaurant in my little town in southwest Florida. He used to work on wall street, but gave it up to pursue his loving of cooking.

As an old F and B ( food and beverage) man myself, I often hang out with him and discuss the business. We talk, kitchen techniques. menus, marketing methods and the stock market. So last week when he told me to stop by, it was not unusual.

What was unusual was it was a Sunday and the restaurant is normally closed on Sunday.

He said there was some kind of private wedding party going on, so I could hang out with him in the kitchen and at the bar.
I arrived about 1 pm and Keith was in the kitchen along with sous chef Brad getting ready for the event. After chatting for a while and not wanting to be in the way, I went to the far end of the bar helped myself to a wine and turned on the football game.
Shortly thereafter, about a half a dozen women dressed to the nines, showed up with flowers and presents. They started decorating tables in the dining room.

In a little while Keith returned from the kitchen to check on the buffet table setup and talk with the waitresses. He then joined me at the bar.

“What kind of party is this?” I asked.
Keith looked up to see the decorated dining room, took a sip of his beer and said, ” I don’t know, some sort of wedding shower deal.”
“Wedding shower! I don’t know what that is…never been to one.”
” Me either” said Keith, ” I just cook.”
With that, more women started to arrive and Keith went back into the kitchen, I returned to watching the football.
Soon, the dining room was filled with women all dressed to kill. A few came up to the bar for drinks and chatted while the bartender served them.
One older lady about 80 or so, sat next to me and began talking. She was very interesting- a walking, talking  history book of the town. She told me the building we were in had been the town’s first and only bowling alley. It sported 4 lanes when it first opened. She also said she was born in the house next door in what is now a biker bar.
Grabbing her wine she said she needed to join the party, as she was the bride’s grandmother. I told her to have a good time and went back to the football.
Just then, Keith came back with a few shrimp he was serving and asked me to taste them.
“Perfect” I said. He then left to make sure the buffet was ready to go. The party was rolling pretty good judging from the laughter and clicking of high heels coming from the dining room.

I spent the next half hour or so talking to Keith and the occasional woman who came up to the bar for a refill. One smartly dressed young woman, who turned out to be the bride, even asked me if she could “fix me a plate.” Apparently, they all thought I was someone or something important just sitting at the bar like I was.

I declined.

Later, The ladies brought out a cake and began opening presents.

“Time to go” I said to Keith.

“Yeah, Me too.” He answered as we went out the door, leaving the restaurant to the ladies and their shower.


One Response to “The Wedding (shower) Crasher”

  1. Dr. Z. Says:

    Spending time in a shower with a bunch of beautiful women.

    Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

    Dr. Z

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