Why Baseball is better than Politics

October 23, 2013

With the World Series getting underway, many smart  Americans turn their attention away from politics to enjoy our national pastime.
Having watched baseball for nearly all of my 65 years, I can say with a high degree of certainty that this makes a lot of sense as baseball is infinitely better than politics.

First, there are rules in baseball. Such as 3 strikes and you are out. Baseball even has an official rule book. These rules are inviolate and they permit baseball to peacefully coexist with its players and fans. Not so with politics. Government changes its rules all the time, and chaos ensues. There is no rule book in politics.

Also, as Tom Hanks notes, there is no crying in baseball. However, crying and whining  are perquisites in politics.
In baseball, if you are a manager and you screw up, you get fired. Just Ask Dusty Baker, ex manager of the Cincinnati Reds.

In politics, if you screw up, you get protected or even promoted.

A few recent examples of this practice are:
–The Attorney General, has never been held to account for the illegal activities known as Fast and Furious.

–The IRS department heads despite being caught harassing political opponents of the president, have never been brought to account for their clearly un-American, illegal activities.

–The Secretary of State, has gotten a free pass over the tragic Benghazi affair. In fact, she is planning her own run for the presidency!

–And now we have the Secretary of Health and Human Services, being given praise by her boss while his showcase healthcare act is crashing like a gigantic Hindenburg. To top it off, she says the President did not know about the brobdingnagian problems with his “showpiece”  plan.
That tells me two things, either she is lying and he did know of the problems, or if he really didn’t know then he is an incompetent chief executive for not knowing the status of his hallmark activity. Either way, in the real worlds of baseball and business, both he and his subordinate would be fired.
Baseball, after 150 years, remains delightfully true to itself and the patrons of the game. Politics sadly can not say the same.



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