Rednecks and Redskins

October 30, 2013

There is a big fuss going on lately concerning the name of Washington DC’s professional football team.
Like a lot of the miasma that comes out of Washington, I have ignored this tempest as it does not interest me, nevertheless, apparently the term “Redskins” offends some people.
Since I don’t have a dog in this fight, I don’t really care much one way or the other. However, on general principle, I believe if the owner of the team likes the name then, he should be able to keep it. I object to people who don’t have any financial interest in a business telling owners they need to change an aspect of commerce because it is offensive to them.
Heck, there are a plethora of people and things in this world that I find offensive, but I believe they can be offensive if they want. I just ignore them.
Nevertheless if the Redskins owner capitulates and changes the name, I suggest he could choose to name the team “The Washington Thin Skins” or perhaps  “The National Foreskins.”
Now the term “Redneck” is under no such pressure. In fact some of the very same people who maintain that Redskins is offensive , use the term Redneck with joy and delight. They hope using the term might offend people who happen to be rednecks. Which in fact it does not. All the rednecks I know are native-born Americans and the wear the term “Redneck” as a badge of honor.
They all have jobs, in fact they own their own businesses. Most of them feed America, either producing, transporting of preparing  the food this country eats.

They drive pick up trucks. Work hard, get their hands dirty and pay taxes. They like to hunt and fish and preserve and conserve their precious land.
When not working they like to party. They appreciate good whiskey and good women. The are among the breed of folks that help build this country.
I had several of my redneck friends visit St. Louis this past weekend, and the town and I will not soon recover.
Unlike their last visit, just the guys came up this time. It was a party from the moment they boarded their flight.
We spent the days going from one watering hole to another in the perfect fall weather. As I was the designated driver, I let them do the big partying, while we all enjoyed the world series baseball and the great restaurants Saint Louis has to offer.
I got them safely back on the plane and back to work this week.
I like Rednecks, I hope they never change the name.


2 Responses to “Rednecks and Redskins”

  1. michellelmi Says:

    Woody Woody Woody – while I appreciate & agree with this blog it left me wondering when they moved the Mason-Dixon line!?!?! The wannabe Rednecks outnumbered the authentics!

    • orangebloss Says:

      Dear Michellelmi,
      Thank you for your comment. I have always believed that being a “redneck” involved more a state of mind than a state of residence. When I was very young and kidnapped to NY, I just knew I was a “redneck” in exile.

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