This is Woody. These are my thoughts, stories and musings. These fables are for the most part a true, accurate reflection of events, circumstances and predicaments in which I have been involved. The names are true, except where they have been changed to avoid embarrassment.

I am in my 65th year of life and have been around the block a couple of times. I have traveled a bit and have lived on three continents.  Most places I have visited have been interesting and fun. Some not so much.  I have done some very enjoyable things  and some unpleasant things. A few of the enjoyable things were, making wine in my college dorm; seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time,and driving 180 kph on the German Autobahn.  Unpleasant events I have  experienced were things like throwing 
hand grenades; having kidney stone surgery, and being tossed about by Hurricane

Folks that tolerate my eccentricities are Donna, our three adult kids, (
reference: age not behavior),  Wendy, Thomas Jason and Aimee. There are also five grandkids, Sydney, Kate, Ellie and Bennett Woodrow and Faye…more about them later. Then there is Oscar,  a 24 lb domestic short hair cat…with diabetes.  And last but not least at 27 pounds is, Mikey, the 3 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who
spends half his time on the couch and the other half trying to herd Oscar.

More to come


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